Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gifted Children with Learning Difficulties

Twice exceptional or 2E is a term used to describe students who are both exceptionally able and have a learning difficulty of some description. A lovely term used by Pricilla Vail to describe these children in her book Smart Kids with School Problems: Things to Know and Ways to Help is "conundrum kids".

I am really looking forward to what I am sure will be a lively and inspiring discussion of how best to identify and support these children at #gtchat on twitter this Friday 20th August at midnight...yes, folks in Ireland: MIDNIGHT

In advance of Friday, I would like to share one of my favourite videos:

For a wonderful explanation of some of the difficulties faced by these students, I highly recommend this paper by Linda Silverman: The Two-Edged Sword of Compensation: How the Gifted Cope With Learning Dificulties

If you feel inspired after that, please join us on Friday. Full details of how to find the chat can be found here: #gtchat

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  1. That video said it all. It made me so emotional because it's lost on so many people's ears. We are so lucky to have a community of friends, advocates and experts who understand.