Friday, October 8, 2010

Presentation on Supporting Gifted Learners in Ireland

 Using Social Media to Support Gifted Learners in Ireland 
Irish Teaching and Learning Festival
Citywest Conference Centre
Saturday 16th October

Until relatively recently, we were both complete cyberspace novices. We could manage email and google searching, but the mere mention of a google group brought on palpitations. However, we decided to face our fear and take the plunge.  Over time, by just trying things out for ourselves, we have come to grips with tools which have opened up a whole new world of support and collaboration to us. We now regularly interact with other parents, teachers and experts in gifted education from all around the globe to share ideas and resources. 

For those of you already comfortable with social media, we hope to direct you towards the best resources for supporting gifted students and to encourage you to join our growing community. For those who have yet to try it out, we hope that our presentation will prove that you don’t need any technical know-how or special skills to use these tools. All you need is internet access, an open mind and a little time. Let’s face it, there are thousands of twits on twitter. If they can do it, so can you!

For further details and links to the Festival, please read our previous post below.

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