Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An Post, Katie and the stamp.

While searching for ideas for a "logo" for the National Gifted Education Day/Talent Day on 8th/9th April, we came across a stamp from 2006 which just seemed perfect for the job. It's pretty, has happy children, the Irish and the European flags and for added perfection, it was the winning entry in a children’s art competition. So, we contacted An Post to ask permission to use it. A few days later, I found myself speaking to Anna McHugh, their Head of Corporate Communications. In a world where we often come to expect little, I was bowled over by her enthusiasm and the trouble she had taken to help us out.

Firstly, we would need permission from the child who painted the picture. That was Katie McMillan who was then 12 years old and in 6th class at Mater Dei Primary School, Basin Lane in Dublin. Anna had contacted the school where they remembered Katie well. In fact, proudly on display, they have a picture of Katie receiving her prize for the drawing back in 2006. Someone there knew her mother and progress was being made in tracking her down.

Meanwhile, the actual artwork was elsewhere, at the printers. Now, printing stamps is a specialized business and An Post generally uses one particular company. In this instance, for some reason, they had used a printer in the UK. Nevertheless, Anna had found out who and where they were, had made contact and the artwork had been located. All that was necessary was Katie’s permission…

We are now highly chuffed to say Katie has been in contact and is delighted that her picture is being revived and used in this way. Now in 5th year at Loreto College, Crumlin, she still loves art and hopes to study at the National College of Art and Design when she leaves school.

We would like to thank Anna McHugh of An Post for going out of her way to bring this together for us and to thank Katie McMillan for being so generous with her fabulous artwork. We wish her the very best for her future as a talented artist.

What a perfect ending to the story…or start to our celebration of talent!


  1. A BIG THANKS to Katie for permission to use her perfect design and to An Post and Anna McHugh.

  2. So inspiring! Happy for you, Katie McMillan and all of Ireland!