Sunday, June 19, 2011

Back In Action

Dazzled & Frazzled Back In Action

Having a Junior Cert student each, we have been more frazzled than dazzled of late. In the home straight now, with only a couple of exams left, we are refocusing on the bigger picture again. As CTYI Session 1 kicked off today, we took the opportunity to reach parents as they converged on DCU from all around the country to drop of their excited teens. Colm, Catriona and the CTYI team were, as usual, very accommodating and encouraging.
As a result of National Gifted Awareness Day on 8th April, we already have people from sixteen counties who are interested in networking with other parents (see map below). With a bit of luck, we will gather enough new people today and at the start of Session 2 to facilitate the setting up of some new support groups over the coming months. We know that families are busy and out of their usual routines during the summer, but if they could register their interest, we could hit the ground running in September.

The very best of luck to all “CTYIzens”, new and returning. We’re sure you’ll have a ball!

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